Jacques taking time to smell the roses
Say, "Cheese!"
Niko arrives from Finland
Captain Jack Sparrow resting after plundering the Puperoni
Sea Sea took Newark Airport by storm - and the storm took us off the road 
       "Isn't it 5 o'clock somewhere?!"
  "Holy mackerel!  These koi are bigger than I am! Toads are more my size..."
"You gotta love those Sunday papers!"
At Junonia, we've "gone to the dogs"...and the butterflies!"
We enjoy spending time with the dogs in our new dog run.

Look carefully... where in the world are the papillons?
Our puppies walk all over us! 
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Smile, and the whole world smiles with you!
Rain wondered how the snow had gotten in the living room... not to mention the strange and wonderful moose!
"When is it my turn to drive?"
Personally, we just love the sable butterfly...
"Throw him back before he tips us over!"
Ears to you!
Take a page out of Niko's book. 
    Impatient with Uncle Sam? 
        Get yourself a bobble-head!
At the Adirondack Circuit, the dogs weren't the only ones winning prizes! We also won the award for the "Most Artistic and Elegantly Decorated Campsite - representing our breed with the theme, "Butterflies Are Free..."
Our Boys
Our Girls
Out Takes

Junonia Papillons...flying without wings